Testimonial Laura

I have been online for a good 6 years now and never knew how much I was missing in regards to picture and photo editing.

For years I used Paint, great for drawing tiny stick figures, but offers little capability as far as real editing is concerned. Fireworks 3 allows you to take most image types and change their size with ease . A must if you are making your own website. You can make motion .GIFs and more with the frame editing utilities. Select any color you could want and paste it with a multitude of included textures. From resizing and sharpening photos, to making new graphics, Fireworks offers bountiful resources that anyone could utilize.

Fireworks is MAC based, so its a little hard to find everything for the strictly Windows compatible user. The default saving every picture as a PNG becomes annoying, but makes up for it with an almost godly export preview, allowing you to save a picture in many different types including giving an image a transparent background, great for photo editing. I use Fireworks 3 instead of the most current version because it offers the computer literate what they want, without the added ”User Friendly” complications which usually end in frustration and aneurism.

It is a great asset when combined with DreamWeaver, and holds its own with its picture creation and editing ability.


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